Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Note to Our Friends

Dear Friends,

As I am currently working on a number of incredible projects, the liner notes to a rare DVD of never before seen John Lee Hooker material as well as a book on Marty Balin and dozens of other exciting musical projects, this site will be shutting down within the next month.

Recently Marty Balin asked me to write a book about his life; he's asked me to perform a number of tasks for him, and his ideas often change ...sometimes from day to day.

That's a good sign about his creativity, but there are drawbacks when an artist vacillates as much as Marty does. One working to keep the artist happy can feel like a yo yo when a musician makes a commitment and then has a change of heart.

At this point in time, I think in order to write an objective book on Marty's musicianship, and the choices he has made in life, I need to be able to talk to all sorts of people...some who may adore this artist's work, some who may have had disagreements with him.

That's the only way the book can be an honest look at the founding member of The Jefferson Airplane.

I love Steve Winwood's recordings, but one of his biographies reads like a press release. It was so flattering that it became VERY difficult investing time in what was nothing more than a puff piece.

We are all human and sometimes including those human frailties is essential in order for the book to be true and honest; in order for the author to paint an accurate picture.

The idea for me to be the writer of a Marty Balin book came from Marty himself. However, Marty might not agree with the path a book on his life has to take in order for it to be an honest assessment of the man and his music.

This will be that honest assessment. As a journalist, I promise you that.

It is's the story beyond the "Peace, Love and Positive Vibes" that some in the Marty Balin camp put out there as the public face of the guy who wrote "Miracles", "Today" and "Volunteers".

Joe Viglione
Marty Balin Live On The Boston Esplanade DVD